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new artist and best bud

2013-08-25 10:59:38 by statichazard

hey guys just wanted to let you know ill be working with my best friend making music now he just created an account on here his name is paradoxbass so please check out our song, thx kbaii :3


2013-06-20 23:45:42 by statichazard

Procrastination is probably my favorite word so yea

This is how i work

2013-02-12 23:11:18 by statichazard

This is literally my expression and what i do when im working on new projects for you guys

This is how i work

New Song

2013-02-06 12:41:41 by statichazard

I think you guys know what that means, Go Check It OUT!!!! :D

Dont forget to comment/Rate :)

Theres no need....

2013-01-19 22:18:22 by statichazard

there is no need to be angry with me when i didnt do anything to you "omg he makes music i dont like 1 star" alright be a prick still not going to change my style of music cause of you, if you dont like dont rate it and just ignore it like it never happened and leave this site, this is not tublr, twitter, facebook, myspace or any other social network


2013-01-16 21:14:52 by statichazard

So apparently i messaged a couple times over facebook to change my name to something else and at first i was kinda offended but then one of my friends was like you should change your name to this since ya know you wear pretty much a gas mask when you DJ i was like i kinda like it so my other name will now be known as InfiD3L

New Audio

2013-01-06 22:26:41 by statichazard

alright so this is a scrap of a song, then another scrap and it turned into what it is a Slightly repetitive dance song, ugh i know another fucking dance song but listen its actually pretty catchy kinda like a daft punk, Deadmau5 thing you know like bouncy but not really much tension, ok im done, go listen, no seriously go listen, FUCK!!!! I'm Bored!!!!!!!!


2013-01-05 14:03:34 by statichazard

ok so newgrounds your officially being controlled by douchebags that dont appreciate anything but what they like, first off your coming to newgrounds to appreciate all different styles of animation, music, art, and games not what you in specific like, dont say something completely sucks because someones style of whatever isnt what you like, newgrounds is unique in the fact that you can listen or watch or play any kind of style of personality in music, art, movies, or games. I'm officially disappointed in the newgrounds community if your here just to find stuff you like thats fine but at least you can comment what you dont like about whatever it is not just be a fucking troll and say this sucks because i dont like it. I came to newgrounds to here what other people have to say about my style of music the least you can do is comment on my projects and say what you dont like about it so i can change it to something that is still my style but something that you can like but when you dont comment on it and just rate shit a 1 or 2 star it pisses me off cause i dont know what you dont like about it. this is not the newgrounds community that i remember and love this is turning out to be a bunch of assholes ruining a website where other people cant appreciate anything, seriously fuck you if your not being a respectable person and not stating your opinion


2013-01-02 19:26:20 by statichazard

I really have nothing to talk about except this
1. new demo
2. Listen
3. Rate it
4. Critique it
5. comment

Thanks :D


2012-12-01 23:36:02 by statichazard

I would really appreciate it if you guys could click the link to my facebook page and like it (if you have a facebook page) THANK YOU!!!!! :D