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New song

2012-12-01 19:33:58 by statichazard

New song up, i hope you guys like it, it probably needs some tweeking and some lengthening but i wanted to put up something


2012-11-20 21:09:37 by statichazard

So since the release of black ops 2 I've been kinda out of focus with my projects so it might be sometime before my next one is released so please be patient and I will be releasing more projects, I will keep checking daily for any messages, comments, and stuff like that but writing wise I'm on "break" lolz but anyway please enjoy my new song "W.T.F." I guarantee you'll enjoy it and of course check out my other songs (please rate/comment, thumbs up for 5) and I will be back, Thank you guys for supporting me and helping me out it really means a lot to me. So while I'm on "break" please send me suggestions i would be more then happy to try them out but i don't wanna hear "ooooo do something like skrillex" because i don't like his style (nothing against him) but anyway keep checking the page and the music I shall return from "break" <----- that still makes me laugh XD


2012-11-17 21:47:08 by statichazard

HEY!!!! i just uploaded a song, im still working but i figured i give you guys a "demo" of it i hope you like it its called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (WTF) LOLZ!!!! :D


2012-11-11 19:55:31 by statichazard

Hey guys, since my computer is out of commission for now if you could listen to my songs i currently have up and please rate them (5 would make me happy) and possibly check out my facebook page and like that to the link is on my pag, Thanks Guys!!!! :D

I hate everything

2012-11-10 22:43:12 by statichazard

Hey guys well my computer took a complete dump on me and i lost everything including old and new projects so it might be a lil while until i can start working on anything again luckily i have a back up of the main things i need but any projects that i had are completely gone :(


2012-11-08 02:04:14 by statichazard

Hey guys sorry its been a while since i could get to my computer ive been in the middle of renovating my house and switching internet suppliers and trying to keep a relationship but everything seems to be on track so i should be uploading more soon i have many ideas for songs i hope you guys will like them :)

P.S. Sorry to all the people i didnt respond to like i said been AFK for awhile lol but Thank you so much for all of the compliments and criticism i really appreciate it :)

check out my audio

2012-09-11 13:45:12 by statichazard

i Would really appreciate if anybody could check out some of my audio, I'll accept any criticism or compliments, so yea check me out Thank You!!! :D